Your Kid Has Started Walking Independently

Now the apple of your eye has perfected the art of standing on his own, balancing him and walking independently. He may roam anywhere he wants. He now loves to run and chase little pets like puppies, kittens and at times bunnies and birds. You will find him always on his toes when he  is awake.

What you need to know

Now that your child is up and running in all directions his coordination is not perfect. he may tumble down if a rough surface or a muddy surface is there. Make sure to sharpen his moves by letting him tumble and learn on his own and how he has to put firm steps at such place. Your child gets tired easily because all the time whether required or not the the little monster is running either behind you or away from you. You will find him with most atrocious things in this phase of like. Your kid is fascinated with broom, rolling pin and all that which which is beyond your imagination. while in a park a bug or squirrels are their centre of attractions. Thus this is the time when you need to be most cautious as he might hurt himself with these funny activities. Also make sure you take him for physical activities where he can run kick and play "the more the better" as it will make his muscle and body flexible and strong. Most important aspect is during this time  your child is always chirpy and babbling almost all the time and when the same doesnt happen it is sure an alarming situation as he must be doing something which is of concern like stuffing anything in their mouth or use of your cosmetic and many more things which you definitely would not lime to happen. Be alert all the time like a saying savdhaani hati durghatna ghati in all hilarious and at times serious ways.

What you need to do

Allow him to play and kick and be happy with his sometsaults and what not but make sure you massage his body everyday and bathe him with luke warm water. Apart from this many kids try to avoid milk so be firm to get him enough calcium and protein in his daily diet in the form of milk, cheese, butter, eggs, porridges and shakes etc. along with vegetable and fruits. He needs maximum nutrition for proper bones body and brain development.Your Kid Has Started Walking Independently

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