Your Kid is All About Experimenting and Tasting Things These Days

At this age, it is very common for your kid to explore his nose and ears by putting foreign objects like stones, marbles, toothpicks, or coins inside them. The dangerous part of this is that some objects can cause choking depending on the size of the object, while some can be removed if the child tells the parent. At times these can get stuck, irritate and cause infections.Your Kid is All About Experimenting and Tasting Things These Days

Common foreign objects that kids can inhale or swallow

• Never leave marbles, stones, beads, coins, or pen caps near your toddler. They tend to put it in their nose or mouth.

• Popcorn, nuts, shells of nuts, or seeds can also get stuck in their throat.

• Never leave batteries near your toddler as they leak and can become poisonous.

• If a part of any toy is broken like the eyes, tail etc, remove them completely and away from your toddler.

• Safety pins, clips, or metal objects can be swallowed easily by kids.

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