Your Kid is Almost There for Getting Toilet Trained

Your Kid is Almost There for Getting Toilet Trained

It might seem like yesterday when you held your little one in your arms and cuddled them to sleep for the first time. But now, they are growing swiftly. As they now near the age of 2, it’s important that you train them for the toilet. After all, how many more smelly diapers can you throw? Plus, it is important to help your kid become more adaptive to the environment, more independent. 

What you need to know

There are a few parenting hacks that you can use to train them for the toilet.

Well, the first step is to encourage them to use the toilet. You can sit on the pot, teach them how they should call you if they need to pee or poop. Then, you can put them on the toilet and slowly help them remove their underwear and relieve themselves. Of course, a child about 2 years would find it difficult to clean afterwards, so you should be ready to involve yourself in the process. Promise your child some goodies if they use the toilet more often.

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