Your Kid is Becoming Independent Already

Your Kid is Becoming Independent Already
Fine Motor

At this time, your kid is having a better grip on his fine and gross motor skills and is very quickly walking on the path that makes him more independent with each passing day.

Zipping his unzipped jacket might be something very small to us but for your toddler it’s something of a miracle. Fine motor skills are different from gross motor skills, allowing your child growing independence in minor but equally important matters such as zipping zippers, opening doors, washing hands, brushing teeth, and so on.

What you need to do as a parent

You need to be patient and calm in guiding and teaching your child. Until now, you held all the power and authority over your child and his growing independence may be difficult to adjust to for both, you and your little one. Sudden demands on being more independent can lead to terrible tantrums and his increased mobility will defintely be challenging.

Teach them activities in a fun and entertaining fashion. Include games such as poking straws into holes, playing with clay and dough, and loads of such games that enhance eye-hand coordination along with muscle development. Puzzles such as 3D puzzles involving blocks help the child explore, learn, and thereby be more independent.

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