Your Kid is More Prone to Allergens Now

Although your kid's immunity is flourishing each day, his body is yet to become strong enough to deal with some health hiccups. This is why at this stage, kids are quite prone to allergens.

There are several allergens in the air that can cause a variety of allergies. These could range from dust mites, pollens, grass, weed, insect stings, animal fur, etc. If your toddler is sensitive to any of these, it can cause allergies easily in your child.

Your Kid is More Prone to Allergens Now

What you need to know

Some children show sensitivity to glue, dyes, paints, and other chemicals. Dust mites are also common reasons of causing allergy. They live in mattresses, pillows, soft toys, and other warm places and eat flaky skin. Pets can be allergy-causing too. Hair, dander, and saliva of pets like cats, dogs can be allergic to a child. Allergies caused by animal dander can result in itchy skin, hives, runny nose, and itchy eyes.


Non-food allergy is manifested through the following symptoms:

• Noisy breathing

• Swollen tongue and mouth.

• Tightness in throat.

• Feeling dizzy.

• Pale skin.

You can always keep these aspects in mind, to avoid any unnecessary health hiccups in your child.




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