Your Kid is Now Able to Learn More While Playing

Your Kid is Now Able to Learn More While Playing
Muscle Strength
Gross motor

Your child at this stage is learning important physical skills as she gains muscle control, balance, and coordination. Kids at this age also build immunity, and are constantly flooded with energy where they don’t feel tired, even after playing for hours together.

Mastering new skills Each new skill lets your child progress to the next one, building on a foundation that leads to more complicated physical tasks, such as jumping rope, kicking a ball on the run, or turning a cartwheel.
Children always want to do more, which can motivate a child to keep trying until they master a new skill, no matter what it takes.

Patterns of activity- Even at this early age, kids establish patterns of activity that carry through the rest of childhood. So an active child is likely to remain active later. Playing and learning are completely natural for children, so mastering physical skills should be fun for your child.