Your Kid is Now Fit to Follow Your Established Sleep Schedule

Your Kid is Now Fit to Follow Your Established Sleep Schedule

At this stage your kid can be a little tricky when it comes to sleep! Before they turned one, they had erratic sleep schedules. You hoped that their sleeping patterns would change as they grow older, but kids, even in the age group of 1-2 years can have a hard time sleeping and learning correct sleep behavior. That’s why, you as a parent need to inculcate some sleep related behaviors in your child so that they develop a healthy pattern.
Try simple changes
There are simple behavioral changes that you can try. For instance, move the child to a bigger bed and praise them when they stay in it. Develop a bed-time routine for your child. Teach them behaviors such as cleaning their teeth, bathing (both under parental supervision), and using the toilet before going off to sleep. A story or a song before they go to bed will help them develop better sleeping behavior.




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