Your Kid Might Be Difficult Right Now But You Got to Make Him Listen

Your child at this age can show non-compliance. And by the age of 2 years, they can become defiant! That’s why it is called the ‘terrible twos!’ Now, as your child begins to explore their independence and develops a self-image, they are going to be non-compliant and try to take autonomy. This could be reflected in difficulties in sharing, frequent use of ‘no’ or claiming their possessions and worse, throwing tantrums! It may be difficult but not impossible to make your little one listen to you.

What you need to know
So, how do you teach your child to listen? Well, for starters, you have to be close when you talk to them and have eye contact. Now, you can’t be shouting from the kitchen asking them to finish their meal. Instead, you need to go to the dining room and ask them to finish eating. Secondly, you have to give your child a few choices.Your Kid Might Be Difficult Right Now But You Got to Make Him Listen

Forcing them to do everything your way is wrong and your kid needs independence. So, instead of asking them to eat an apple, you can give them the option to choose, whether they want an apple, an orange or a banana. The same goes for clothes. For instance, if you want your child to wear a dress, ask them the color they want to wear or let them choose. Similarly, keep language appropriate, use two-step directions and avoid using negative terms.




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