Your Kiddo is All Ready to Learn About Natural and Logical Consequences

By this age, your child is all ready to learn about a list of responsibilities. Letting children experience the natural or logical consequences of their actions is one way to teach them responsibility.

Natural and logical consequences
A natural consequence is a result of something a child does where a logical one is a result arranged by the parent but logically related to what the child did. Natural and logical consequences result from choices children make about their behavior. In effect, they choose the consequence they experience.

Allow kids to experience consequences
Sometimes the consequence, which naturally or logically follows the child’s behavior is unpleasant. By allowing children to experience the pleasant or unpleasant consequence of their behavior, you and caregivers help children learn what happens because of the behavior choices they made. Your Kiddo is All Ready to Learn About Natural and Logical Consequences

Natural consequences are the inevitable result of a child’s own actions and logical consequences happen as a result of a child’s action, but are imposed by you or caregiver. It is important to make sure that logical consequences are reasonable and related to the problem, and to let both the child and you keep their self-respect.

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