Your Kiddo is Ready for Some Much Needed Physical Activity

By this point, your little one is all set to undertake some physical activity, which will further his development in positive stance. Physical activity is important in many aspects of child health and development.

Importance of physical activity In young children, lack of physical activity is a risk factor for many health problems such as high blood pressure, weight gain, excessive body fat, bad cholesterol, respiratory difficulties, cardiovascular diseases and, bone health problems.Your Kiddo is Ready for Some Much Needed Physical Activity

Moreover, the health benefits of physical activity extend well beyond physical health, having a positive impact on the domains of social skills, psychological well-being, etc. Early childhood (0 to 2 years) is also a critical time for establishing healthy behaviors and patterns that will carry over into later childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

Types of physical activity
Physical activity is categorized into different intensities too. Light intensity physical activities for young children include dressing up in costumes, standing and painting, and slow walking. Moderate to vigorous physical activities include running, jumping and playing ball games. These activities happen through structured physical activities, which include any planned programs like gymnastics or swimming lessons, or through unstructured physical activities like playing at a playground, dancing or going to the park.




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