Your Kiddo's Energy Levels are Soaring High

Your little one at this age is often difficult to handle at times considering the amount of energy that he has in him. It is always a good idea to channelize his energy well and allow him to do a couple of safe, productive household chores. This is a great way for for your child to learn a lot of things. It also allows your child to see the world in a practical way, and makes him experience something different from usual play with toys. Your Kiddo's Energy Levels are Soaring High

Household chores that your kids can do:

1. Arranging their bed- At 2 your child can only arrange pillows. So allow him to do so while going to bed

2. Using the dustbin – Allow your child to pick papers or chocolate wrappers, banana or fruit peels that they have eaten and drop it into the dustbin.

3. Arranging toys – Ask your child to pick up their own toys and arranging them after playing. This will make your child disciplined and will instill a sense of responsibility right from an early age.

4. Kitchen – You can involve your child in simple tasks which do not involve fire, sharp knives, electric gadgets or messy stuff. For example, plucking coriander leaves from its stem and putting into a plastic bag or shelling peas from pod.

5.Table manners – Teaching your child to wipe their table area and putting their plate for cleaning in the sink will help them to feel responsible and also develop table manners.

6. Dusting: While you are doing the chores, ask your kido to accompany you during dusting and cleaning. He will enjoy such task and you can enjoy his company.




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