Your Kiddo's Memory Skills Are Kicking In Now! Time to Strengthen it!

Your little one is constantly growing with every day that passes, and with it, grows his memory as well. Memories enrich children’s lives and provide your child with lots to talk about, which in turn enhances their language skills. Young children are greatly influenced by repetition, and they make perfect fodder for enhancing your child’s memory.

Ask questions to juggle memory- If your 1 year old knows that they snuggle with their bear each night after their bath, they will want to get the bear themselves. As they grow older, you can enhance the language memory link by asking "What happens after you take your bath?"Your Kiddo's Memory Skills Are Kicking In Now! Time to Strengthen it!

Ask questions when you're out and about. For example, if you're passing a friend’s house, ask, "Who lives there?" Games like these give children experience in recalling information.

Doing rather than observing
Babies model their actions on your behavior. If you want your child to learn how to do something, show your child how and then give them a turn. Doing, rather than simply observing, helps your baby store information more solidly.

Make sure to repeat the action on different occasions, too. While babies can learn from a single example, they remember best when you repeat the action periodically over several days.

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