Your Kid's Attention Span is Increasing Now

Your kid's becoming more attentive with every day. Children from the minute of their birth are attentive of what you speak to them, and watch your actions. They are intuitive and a lot runs in their tiny brain. Since they express only through smile and other limited actions, you might tend to think that babies understand less. But, this is not true as they are ready to collect information, communicate, and learn new things. Your Kid's Attention Span is Increasing Now

Their personality is shaped based on the inputs that parents give, and so, it is vital that you give a lot of positive attention and affection to your child.

Making positive impact in your child's life

1. Your facial expressions and the tone of your voice is very important since the time he is born, he is receptive to your behavior. It is important that you are loving, rather than being forced and mechanical.

2. Doing everyday activities with your toddler is important to build a positive and strong rapport. Bathing him, changing his clothes, and feeding him are all chances for you to connect with your child in an affectionate way. Cuddle him, smile and laugh with him, tickle him, and be happy. Your child will feel warm and reassured with you.

3. Always show interest and attention. Communicate or play with him positively as these are crucial for your toddler.

All that your child needs is a smile and lot of care from you.

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