Your Kid's Confidence is Piquing- Find Out What You Should NOT do to Stop it

Your Kid's Confidence is Piquing- Find Out What You Should NOT do to Stop it
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Your kid at this stage begins to develop foundations for confidence. How you nurture them as this period will determine whether or not they will be confident throughout their life. Every little thing you do to boost the budding rockstar's confidence is going to last a lifetime, hence, you must also know what you should never do intentionally/unintentionally to stop this positive development.

What you need to know

To help your child break out of their shell, you should stop comparing them. Most often, parents compare their child to their siblings, or other kids of their age, which can lead to negative self-esteem. So, don’t say things like, ‘Shreya spoke more than you when they were 2 years old,’ or ‘Look at your sister and try to speak more,’ etc.

Similarly, watch the words that you say when your child is around. Instead of saying things like, ‘Oh! Don’t worry! They are just a little shy,’ say things like, ‘I know you feel shy, but you can say hello when you are ready.’ That will instantly boost your child’s confidence.

Meanwhile, show your child the right way, teach them how to greet and even depict how they can make small talk. Also, if they are on playdates, make sure that you talk to the other child and introduce yourself (most parents simply talk to the other parent and may ignore the child) so that the child knows how to proceed.

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