Your Little Angel Is Likely To Make Variations In Sounds

Your Little Angel Is Likely To Make Variations In Sounds

Understanding language is far more important to your toddler than actually speaking it. At this age, once he really understands, he will communicate with you. Your toddler’s first words are almost always labels- names for people and animals or other things that are important to him. 
What you need to know
As a toddler, your child will have a language explosion –he will understand more than you say, but he will imitate everything he hears, learn new words every day, start putting words together into short sentences and want to talk to you all the time! This is a stage in language acquisition.
Your toddler can speak more words now, these words now refer to the entity which they name, he is used to gain attention or for a specific purpose. Infants tend to have greater mouth openings on the right side. As much as they use the sounds, the more they will be prepared for the speech when they grow up. He uses lot more variations in sounds as he hears a lot of your conversations as well as other things in television or from somewhere else.

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