Your Little Angel Is Likely To Pronounce Most Vowels

Your Little Angel Is Likely To Pronounce Most Vowels
Verbal language

Your little angel now says all the vowels and consonants like m,p,b,t,d that are used in the beginning of the syllables. She may know about 50 words but can understand hundreds, and can also pronounce vowels.

What you need to know

At this point, your little one will make an attempt to change all words and sounds in order to fit into her speech abilities. For instance, 'blanket' may become 'baytee' which  is an age appropriate language development. She will also advance to 2 word phrases like 'big ball', 'want more', 'put teddy', 'more cookie' etc. 

Be a good role model. Your child will learn speech, build vocabulary and language skills from what she hears. Try to expand on what she says. Also, focus on what she says correctly. Be a facilitator in her speech and language development  journey. If your child is not able to say vowels or is dropping consonants, please consult the pediatrician for guidance.