Your Little Angel Is Scared To Meet Strangers

Your Little Angel Is Scared To Meet Strangers

You may notice that suddenly your little one is scared to meet strangers. You don't need to worry at all as this is a normal phase that may appear after the age of 6 months and usually goes off by the time the child is of 2 years. This phase is generally known as 'stranger fear' or 'stranger anxiety'. Its a part of child's cognitive development. We know that you have already seen glimpses of this phase in her previous years but now with growing age, she will be more vocal and expressive in showing her lack of knack for strangers.
What you need to know
As a parent one needs to know certain things about stranger fear. It happens because baby develops a healthy attachment with familiar people and feel protected and comfortable with them. With someone completely unknown approaching her,she may get upset. Her reactions may vary from sudden outburst to clinging to mother or going completely quiet.Various situations are there that may trigger stranger fear like over-excited relative or friend approaching the baby, a person with beard or say not so pleasant persona suddenly picks up the baby,or it may simply be the presence of a stranger.
What you can do
Hold your baby close to you, take her away from that person and try to soothe her first. When she calms down get her favourite toy or any other stuff and stay with her as long as possible. Close family member or friend may feel rebuffed if they are the one being shunned by the baby. First calm down the child. Then explain others the milestone your child is going through and ask them them to approach her calmly and slowly. Then try for another peaceful and friendly introduction with her. 

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