Your Little Darling Is Now Able To Express Affection To Close Family Members

Your Little Darling Is Now Able To Express Affection To Close Family Members
Family Bonding
By this stage your sweetheart is able to recognise her family members and express her emotions to them as well. Mother being the closest to her, she may express her affection to other members in varying degree based upon the quantity and quality of time one spends with her or who pampers her more than others or simply who she likes to being with.
What you need to know
Being a parent you can observe and notice how your lil one tends to express her emotions. The first and foremost way to express affection is 'Smile'. She would simply smile when someone she likes appears in front of her. When it comes to working parents, no sooner than the parent returns to home the child rushes to and jumps into the arms and expresses her joy like anything. 
By now your baby must have learnt to kiss or give a flying kiss to the people she likes. Also she would enjoy waving a goodbye to her near and dear ones. And these gestures may not be for everyone. Also by now your little one is able to recognize the voices of family members along with their faces. So she may even tend to grab phone or try to speak in her baby language when she hears their voice on phone or when their picture flash on the phone screen. Also now she would share her stuffs like toys or cookies with the people she likes not everyone.
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