Your Little Darling Will Now Open Up Boxes To Discover What's In It

Your child is full of energy and enthusiasm. She is curious to know what’s going around her surroundings and has started to figure out answers, all thanks to her newly found independence. Be it books, new toys, art supplies, puzzles, food items all packed in  boxes, gift wraps, bags, arouse her sense of curiosity and she wants to discover what’s inside it.

What you need to know

Your Little Darling Will Now Open Up Boxes To Discover What's In It

When your child is trying to find out what’s in a box, you can play 'Make a Guess’ game with her. For example, “It’s round in shape and sweet in taste.” She may say, “cookie.” This boosts her language skills.

Your little one is born curious. Facilitate to nurture her curiosity rather than pushing her to learn. You will be amazed at how she learns new things.

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