Your Little Darling Will Use 2 Word Phrases To Communicate With You

Your bundle of joy now knows about 50 to 75 words. He will now start joining words to form phrases like “more milk”, “play toy”, “want cookie” etc. to communicate with you. 

What you need to know

At this point, your child will start using two-word phrases, help him understand how to use a variety of such phrases to express his needs and ideas. Work on expansion of words into phrases and then sentences. Doing it regularly will help your child build language skills. For instance, if he says, “red car", you can ask him, “Do you want the red car?” If your child does not use the required number of single words in his day to day conversation, first work on adding single words to his vocabulary by reading and talking often to him. Then you can work on phrases.

Your Little Darling Will Use 2 Word Phrases To Communicate With You

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