Your Little Munchkin Is Likely To Have Overstimulation Now

By this age, your child is absorbing everything from the outside world. Although you may think that your child is too young to emotionally express things, the fact is he can.

What is overstimulation?

When the stimulus in the form of noise, activity and experience becomes too much to handle, children start crying or expressing themselves in a way that you are unable to handle. This is called overstimulation.

Your Little Munchkin Is Likely To Have Overstimulation Now

Signs of over-stimulation

• Children tend to become upset, tired, and cranky.

• Managing your child becomes extremely difficult.

• They become more irritated while doing their normal activities.

All of this is normal for your child at this age. Although it may irk you often, don't forget that this is just a part of their growth and development.

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