Your Little One can Keep you Company in the Kitchen

Your Little One can Keep you Company in the Kitchen
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Your little one is all ready to give you some company in your daily chores, and you are going to love it! There are times when you have to cook along with your toddler as there is no one to baby-sit them or maybe your child is simply clingy. But in reality cooking with a toddler can be a lot of fun and this is also a great way to encourage them about cooking and understanding food and its different textures. Additionally, it also gives you both the scope to bond well.

Cooking with kids

Though you need to exercise a lot of caution when you bring a toddler into the kitchen, you can always give them simple jobs to keep them occupied. This will also be a great platform for them to learn about what goes on in the preparation of food.

Some chores that children can do:

1. Wash vegetables, fruits and sort them.

2. Handing some lightweight vessels.

3. Getting things from the fridge.

4. Separating coriander leaves from their stem.

5. Mixing cake batter. 

6. Mixing salads and pouring toppings.

Have a great time bonding in the kitchen with your little one and also enjoy their company!

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