Your Little One Can Now Become an Ardent Reader

Your Little One Can Now Become an Ardent Reader

At this age, it is very natural for your child to be attracted towards television – it is a source of fascination for him. However, watching TV has to be strongly discouraged as certain programmes can inculcate ideas of violence and defiance in his impressionable young mind. 

An excellent and much more productive habit you can inculcate in your child is the habit of reading. You can start reading to your child when he is as young as 6 months. Read to him from colourful books about nature, moral stories, and mythology. Show him vocabulary building books about flowers, birds, animals and so on.

Developing good reading habits Read to your child as often as you can. Language skills are developed primarily by reading; additionally it boosts his imagination and greatly enhances his vocabulary. Love of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon your child, and it is a gift that will stay with him for life.

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