Your Little One is All Fascinated by Electronic Entertainment- But is it Good?

Your Little One is All Fascinated by Electronic Entertainment- But is it Good?

This is the time when your little one is running around and exhausting you. Electronic devices may appear like a boon as they quite readily halt your child's movement and make them stay at one place since they are so fascinated by electronic entertainment.

However, these so-called boons are actually a curse for your little one.

By all means resist the lure of such devices. Run after your child if required but do not make him sit down with your mobile or in front of the TV. Running around and exploring the real world will develop your child’s motor and cognitive skills. Electronic devices highly impair your child’s reasoning ability.

Watching television

A child can be attracted to the television when only a few months old. The colour, movement, and sound attract the senses and the child is drawn to it like a magnet. However, television can be highly detrimental to children of very young age. Such children cannot concentrate on intellectual activities involving the senses. Do not allow watching TV as an option for your child as long as possible.

Mobile phones

Your child is probably very efficient in operating your mobile and you see no harm in it. However, this is to be avoided at all costs. Mobile phones emit powerful radiations, which can cause harm to a young child’s brain. As far as possible switch off your mobiles when you go to sleep at night. Constant exposure to its radiation is truly a concern.

Additionally, a child’s eyes are very tender and his eyesight will be affected by constantly gazing at the screen at such a short range. Never calm your child by handing over your mobile to him as a pacifying device.

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