Your Little One Is Becoming More Intelligent With Each Day

Your Little One Is Becoming More Intelligent With Each Day
Non-verbal cues

Your baby has already completed the awesome and amazing milestone of one year! From now on, there's no looking back as the intelligence of your baby will keep increasing with every passing day. Watch for this to happen: Give your baby something new that is unusual and unfamiliar. It may be a clapping monkey or an airplane that emits light, or just a furry soft toy and below is what would happen next-

Your baby will seek your approval 

Your baby will be curious, true to his nature, but instead of reaching out to the new object, your baby will look at you when reaching out to the object, which is a sign that he is asking for your opinion.. The look in his eyes asks ‘Is it okay?’ 

Notice that your baby is very curious about the object but also knows that you are the guide. And so, instead of reaching out and making a mistake, your baby seeks your approval instead. 

Your little one is a little genius in the making

Know that your child is constantly reading your expressions and body language; if you smile, nod and say, "Yes it’s OK," your baby will proceed to reach out to the unknown. On the other hand if you give a frown or a negative shake of the head, your baby will now know that the action is not safe or unacceptable.

This is amazing way to know he's growing in intelligence but also in his understanding with you.