Your Little One Is Likely To Become More Irritable Now

Your Little One Is Likely To Become More Irritable Now

This is the time your little one will begin to show signs of irritability. As he is unable to express or speak out, he will start to show some changes in his behaviour. It could be because he is responding to something that causes pain or discomfort. The first sign of his irritability will be crying, when triggered.

What you need to know

Irritability is a state of being overly sensitive to stimulation. Your little one may show irritability due to any of these reasons- over-stress, hunger, during teething, having soiled diapers or when he needs your attention. Some medical conditions like ear pain, headache, colic, running nose also can lead to him being irritated.

What you can do

Try to soothe your little one by rocking, cuddling, patting, singing and doing things that he likes. You will need to address factors that stimulate irritability like poor sleep patterns, loud noise around him or even his day to day schedule. Get your sweetie pie on a regular eating and sleeping cycle. Avoid extremely high volumes during his sleep time. Keep the light and sound low during night times. Using these parenting skills you should be able to calm your child and make things better.