Your Little One is Likely to Face Some More Stranger Anxiety Now

It is a phase where your child might be going through a lot of emotional development and might prefer YOU to anyone else around him. He does not want to leave you, whenever you head to the bathroom or anywhere else without him. Your child is experiencing separation anxiety, a developmental phase. As your child grows into toddlerhood, he is getting more independent, but might still need your underlying presence and support. Stranger anxiety is seen in kids between 12 to 24 months.Your Little One is Likely to Face Some More Stranger Anxiety Now

What you can do

Every time you leave your child and go out, just wave a simple bye! Fearing the wrath of their toddler, most parents sneak out of their home when he is busy otherwise. This can be a big mistake! It may save you from experiencing the pain to see your kid cry but it will only increase his separation anxiety. When you leave home, ask your babysitter to bring your child along for a short trip. Involve him in an interesting activity and when he is engrossed in it, wave a quick bye and head straight to the door. 

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