Your Little One is Now Able to Frame Longer Sentences

Your Little One is Now Able to Frame Longer Sentences
Verbal language

Wow! Be proud because now your little one has graduated from just babbling something to framing longer sentences. Yes, they might still speak gibberish when trying to hold a long conversation, but they do manage to speak two-word sentences or communicate their requirements effectively.

Their cognitive skills are developing rapidly at this point of time. That’s why it is necessary you involve yourself with the little one and play a few games.

What you can do

There are a number of games that you can play with a kid to nurture their cognitive development. A game as simple as ‘If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands,’ is a fun way to teach kids about their hands, body parts, and helps in language acquisition. Similarly, you can try games like ‘ring-a, ring-a roses,’ for helping them learn more about colors, flowers, and nature in general.

Sing-along nursery rhymes are another great way of raising your kid to learn more and acquire language in a better manner. Otherwise, you can play games like rolling a ball, where you help your child learn how to roll a back-and-forth and pass it to you. Or just tickle your child and sing songs!

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