Your Little One is Now Ready For Some Work and Play Mix

Your Little One is Now Ready For Some Work and Play Mix
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If you have observed your child closely, by now you would have realized that there is no difference between work and play for her. All your work appears like play to her, and all her waking hours are playing hours.

Develop her interest in productive work by involving her in whatever task you are engaged in. Washing clothes, hanging them out to dry, folding them, and washing dishes are all chores where your toddler can pitch in. Her tiny hands will enjoy the work as play and your little one will grow up to be a useful helping hand for you.

Making chores child friendly- Ensure that all your work spaces are free from small objects that your child may accidentally put into their mouth. Place all chemicals on the top shelves, out of your toddler’s reach. Keep all cupboards locked. Give her a small part of your work according to her ability, teaching her how to do it. This way, you need not rush to finish your work before your toddler wakes up.

Your child is a help, not a hindrance- Your toddler follows you in everything, and is moulded by your actions. She can be your best friend if you are prepared. Know what to expect and how to respond. If you are careless, you may end up feeling that she is a hindrance to you in certain cases. Enjoy your toddler’s presence, talk, teach, and play with her. She is not a burden, but rather, your greatest treasure.

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