Your Little One Now Experiences 'Representational Thinking'

At this stage, your little one’s brain is developing at an enormous rate. His cognitive and intellectual abilities such as thinking, reasoning and understanding is improving at great levels. He imports social, emotional, lingual and motor skills as a part of cognitive development. “Representational thinking” is a core component of symbolic play. This development occurs in the pre-operational stage in which your little one has gained ability to use words to stand for real objects.Your Little One Now Experiences 'Representational Thinking'

What you need to know

By the time the kids attain 24 months of age, they use one object to stand for or represent another. For example, they use banana as a telephone. At around 36 months, they engage in make-believe play in which they represent an object without having that object or a substitute. They “make a phone call” by placing their hand up to their ear.

Children at the functional level of development are ready to engage in high level manipulation activities. So encourage your children in activities such as stacking blocks to build structures, or help them with the matching of animals on the puzzle board and encourage them to count the number of animals as well. These activities will enhance their sorting out various things into specific categories.




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