Your Little One To Take First Independent Steps

Your Little One To Take First Independent Steps
Gross Motor
Gross motor

This is that time of your life which you have waited for with the bated breath. Your baby has now grown old and independent. He has taken his first independent step. Your cutie pie now has mastered the art of gross motor and fine motor skills for his age.

What you need to know

Your munchkin now has become efficient in strolling on both the legs of his own and is now on the verge of leaving his infancy behind. He will feel more independent and victorious as he may approach the things he had been looking for on his own. Walking needs loads of patience and encouragement as the fear of falling down is always their in your baby mind. Though he may not be able to express the same but he is aware that if he falls down he will get hurt. This period is full of excitement for your kid too as he may run behind every second person leaving or entering your house. Your baby is always in a jiffy to explore all those colourful things around him and for sure little pups and kittens.

What you need to do

Since this is the first time he is on his own, make sure the surroundings near him are well cushioned and safe. His steps are still shaking and not completely balanced so he may tumble and be hurt. Also, a doorbell may be sweet melody to your baby so be sure of the safety measure of keeping the doors locked. Inculcate a habit of keeping all those items unapproachable which may be harmful to your kiddo. This is most cherished moment and is a landmark of achievement for your little rockstar walking like "Krishna".

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