Your Little Rockstar Is Ready To Learn Manners And Respect Others

At this age, your child is a great observer and tries to imitate all that you do. Use this time wisely by practicing good habits yourself. Ensure that the family members, including your spouse and yourself, show respect to each other.

Does it seem a little too early to start on such character building endeavours as your child is just one? The reality is that your little one is at her most receptive form at this stage. She learns faster and retains the lesson longer. Show her what respect is through practice. This is a valuable life lesson that your child needs to learn.

Your Little Rockstar Is Ready To Learn Manners And Respect Others

What you need to know:

Respecting elders is a crucial part of learning good manners. Teach your child to wish her grandparents. Encourage her to enquire after their health. When your little one watches the faces of these loved ones light up with joy, she will realize how much happiness a simple gesture can bring. 

Teach your child that the household staff and maids are there to help you, and that they should be treated with kindness and respect too. Do not shout at them or behave harshly in front of your child.




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