Your Little Wonder is Now Ready For Some Physically Active Play

At this stage, your child's physical development is levelling high. Physical development is age related but not age determined, so you are best placed to pick the most appropriate activities for your child’s stage of development so that he gets maximum benefits from it in the present as well as the long run.

What you need to know
Remember that each baby and child will develop at their own rate and will learn physical skills when their body is ready. You only need to raise a child’s development rate, if they are unable to do several movement skills much later than most of their peers. Naturally, you will need to discuss your concerns sensitively.

Interesting activities to boost physical development
Create spaces for movement with lots of stimulating materials and regular interaction. As babies become ready to be physically active, make sure the environment is safe and very small choking hazard objects are out of reach. Use the proper words for objects and actions and speak out loud while doing them, e.g., “Roll the blue ball back to me,” “Shall we clap our hands together?” and “Let’s look under the table for teddy.”Your Little Wonder is Now Ready For Some Physically Active Play

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