Your Toddler Catches Your Words Faster Than The Bullet Train

By this age, your kiddo's understanding levels perk like anything. Be careful about your adult talk around your toddler. Their understanding of words is beyond their understanding of the world, so they may become worried by some topics. Introduce the world to them in bits they can cope with.

They learn from you

You kiddo might not fully be aware of his surroundings, but he will always be one step ahead in grasping things from you, the fundamental of which are your words, your topics of discussions. Hence, it becomes extremely crucial that you don't say anything inappropriate in front of your child, or talk about something that can have a negative impact on the little one.

Your Toddler Catches Your Words Faster Than The Bullet Train

You don't need to weave an unreal world around your kid by keeping everything goodie-goodie, but it is always wiser to let the kids take things as they come, one day at a time. After all, positivity is contagious.

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