Your Toddler is Now Finding Simple Things Too Fascinating

Your Toddler is Now Finding Simple Things Too Fascinating
Cognitive Development

By this time, your child learns and obtains new skills by playing, trying things, doing it on their own, and by being praised. Playtime teaches your child to think and discover how things work by touching, feeling, and moving things. This boosts their overall development by polishing their learning skills.

Simple things fascinate them- There are many safe activities you can do indoors and outdoors to help your child develop. Things you should remember when playing with your child:

1. The simplest things can be fascinating to little children.

2. Children need different things to keep themselves entertained.

3. They are watching and learning from you the whole time.

Usher your child to the zone of simple activities
You play a big part in how your child understands the world. If you behave well, your child is likely to do the same. Encourage your child to join in your activities; this gives your child a feeling of importance and belongingness.

This may mean some jobs take a little more time, but it’s worth it. Your child may have an interest in indoor activities such as building towers with boxes or blocks, then knocking them down, push and pull, or stack toys. You can also engage in bath time and meal time activities.