Your Toddler is Now Fit to Become More Obedient

Your Toddler is Now Fit to Become More Obedient

By now, your toddler has learnt that she can exercise her will in defying your instructions. This is quite a normal development but nevertheless, a crucial time to be handled prudently. Resist the temptation to be authoritative and exacting; instead, be affectionately firm.

What you need to know

Your child’s will is the most flexible at this point, and it becomes more and more obdurate as she grows older. Always exercise firmness when you are announcing any particular rule. If you instruct her about something, but then relent, then do not really expect your child to follow your directive as you are indirectly sending her the message that mom does not actually need to be obeyed.

Consider two points before you ask your toddler to do something - whether she can do it, and whether it is important. If the answer is yes, and you have issued your instructions, make sure she follows them.

What not to do:

Now that your toddler is on the move around the clock, there are times when you may lose your cool. Do not take it out on your child – take yourself to a different room, calm down, and then deal with the situation. Be careful not to say “No” too often. Word your instructions positively. For example, instead of saying “Don’t write on the wall!” say “Why don’t you try writing on this slate instead?”

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