Your Toddler is Now Ready for the Habit of Eating Fresh Food

At this stage, your kid is growing rapidly and along with that comes a tricky situation wherein he may be prone to be a part of some sphere of diseases. With rising obesity levels in early childhood and children falling prey to a host of diseases, providing good and healthy food is a true challenge for every mother. Your Toddler is Now Ready for the Habit of Eating Fresh Food

Time for healthy eating

To add to the agony, children have their own way of choosing their food and sometimes tend to go for unhealthy choices. Also, fussy eating is on the rise. Therefore it is time to gear up towards healthy eating.

Educating your child about healthy food

1. A lecture on healthy food will never be effective. Toddlers need to see what healthy food is and how it is different from unhealthy food.

2. Show visual charts of fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy food. Make a story or a song to show how important they are.

3. While shopping with your toddler, ensure you are picking a lot of healthy stuff. A rainbow of vegetables and fruits is ideal to trick their mind into healthy eating

4. Sticking to a color theme or a food theme can also encourage your toddler towards healthy eating.

You must always show your child the importance of eating healthy food, since it will also be beneficial in the long run.





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