Your Toddler Loves Liquid Consumption Now! But There's More to the Story

By this age, your toddler's liquid consumptions are always associated with sippy cups and cute little bottles that help your child enjoy their liquids.

However, sippy cups can in turn cause infections when not used properly. A child drinking from a sippy cup unwashed for several days can develop yeast infection in their mouth. This is usually characterised by chalky whitish substance on their mouth followed by foul odour.

Your Toddler Loves Liquid Consumption Now! But There's More to the Story

Sippy cups can be tricky too

• Since water is present all the time and there is contact with the toddler’s mouth, unwashed sippy cups or feeding bottles can develop fungus when not cleaned for a long time. Mould formation could be seen commonly and this can pass on to your child’s mouth.

• Thoroughly cleaning sippy cups and airing them out completely followed by sterilization can prevent the growth of fungi and keep your child’s oral health safe. Also toddlers who prefer drinking milk from their sippy cups and fall asleep while doing so, tend to develop cavities in their mouth.

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