Your Toddler May Be Showing Aggression At This Stage

Your Toddler May Be Showing Aggression At This Stage
Non-verbal cues

Your toddler, who has been so friendly and peace-loving till now might suddenly display aggressive behaviour. He may bite or beat people around him. This may be due to one or more of the four following reasons –

1. Your child is scared that his cherished possessions may be taken away.
2. He may be angry with someone who is taking your attention away from him.
3. He may be overexcited and is showing his love that way.
4. He may just be seeking attention.

What you need to know

Probe and ascertain the reasons for your toddler’s aggressive behaviour and address the root cause, not the symptom.

Prevent your toddler from hurting anyone by physically removing him from that place. Place him in his chair or in a quiet place and let him be alone for a short time as this is necessary to calm him down. Remember: This is not a punishment.

What you need to do when he shows aggressive behaviour

Make eye contact with your toddler and tell him in a calm but firm voice that he needs to stop immediately. Shouting or hitting may stop the behaviour at that point, but will be counter-effective in the long run, as the child may get the message that the way to handle such issues is through shouting or violence. Your stern expression and body language will be more effective in getting the message across to him. Analyze the situations when he behaves like this, and preplan how to avoid such situations. Do not get upset or stressed. Remember, you are wiser than your child, and every problem has a solution.